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 Priest Signup

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PostSubject: Priest Signup   Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:17 am

I want EVERY Member and Trial priest to sign your name, spec (Holy,Shadow) and maybe a line or two about yourself here, Just to get to know some of you people, since I dont know some of you quite so well. So i'll start!

My characters name is Veng├Žnce, Im a holy priest. I joined Frostheart quite some time ago, when it was a much smaller guild, It has grown since then ALOT!

My real name is Jens, im Danish, I've lived in denmark until I was 3 from the on i've been living alot of different places. (Spain, Africa, Holland). I live in Spain at the moment, however I might be moving back to denmark next year Razz Im 15, soon the be 16.

Thats abit about me, now its your turn! Gogo!
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Priest Signup
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