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 Be prepared for raids

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PostSubject: Be prepared for raids   Tue Nov 04, 2008 1:46 am

What to do before we enter raids?

Raiding is 20% perspiration and 80% preparation. Not to say raiding doesn't take any effort, but going to a fight unprepared is like going into battle with half your gear broken - it simply won't do!

Besides the obvious things to do (100% repaired, health pots and food for pets) I suggest to do the following:
- Ammo: take two types of ammo with you. Regular ammo for the trash mobs and the highest dps ammo available to you for the bossess.
- Flasks: the flask we have to use is Flask of Relentless Assault, it gives you +120 AP Shocked
- Elixers: The best Battle elixer is Elixir of Major Agility, it gives you +35 agi and +20 crit Very Happy
- Food: You can choose between Ravager Dog (+40 AP and +20 Spi) or Warp Burger (+20 Agi and +20 Spi)
- Food 4 Pet: A great extra is Kibler's Bits (+30 str and +30 sta) for your pet

If you want to leave all the other classes behind in the dps charts and earn respect of the guild you have to apply to the above preparations farao

I have alchemy (375) and cooking (373) so with your mats I can make all the things you may need for free, except for the flask, I don't have it (yet). Luckily for us Clashhoof has it and he is willing to sell it for reduced prizes Very Happy THNX Clash!
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Be prepared for raids
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