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 Warlock Class Leader

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Warlock Class Leader

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PostSubject: Warlock Class Leader   Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:23 pm

Well boys and girls,
Gore just saw me fit enough to promote to your new warlock class leader.
Hope I can bring something useful to you, hope I can learn from you, and you from me.
I'm not planning on changing too much, though I will be asking all of you some questions soon, I'm planning out everything for the lvl 80 raids.
Let's make a short introduction of yourself here, want to get to know you all a bit better:

Kickoff is mine, ofcourse Razz

Name: Jeff
Country: Netherlands
Occupation: Railway Company
Age: 21 years young (I feel old sometimes Razz)
Time playing WoW: About 1 year
Emailadress: (feel free to mail me with questions e.d., or adding me to MSN)

If you have any questions or anything, u can always come to me when I'm online.

Hope to make a good team!! Level hard, level fast and be ready for raiding!!

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Warlock Class Leader
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