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 Absolutíon - 80 Priest - Accepted

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PostSubject: Absolutíon - 80 Priest - Accepted   Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:57 am

Personal Info.
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Location: Sweden
Tell us something about yourself. What kind of guy are you IRL and online?
I'm a really friendly guy that has it easy to fit with any people. Many like me because I'm very helpful and a really nice person to hang out with.

Character info.
Race: Undead
Spec: Shadow 14/0/47 atm, but willing to go holy if needed.
WOTLK spec: As above, willing to go holy.
What raiding experience do you have?
ZG, MC, BWL, AQ20, AQ40, Naxxramas, Karazhan, Gruul, Magtheridon, Zul'aman, Hyjal and Black Temple. So overall I'm an really experienced raider.

Game info.
We raid Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and sunday 19:30. Can you show up for 50% of these raids every week?
In my last guild on Stormreaver that I was in for about 3 months in, I had 100% raid attendance. Which im pretty proud of. So 50% will be a cake. Smile

The same guy fucks up and wipes the raid for the third time, how do you react?

Just relax, let officers, class-leaders do their job telling him what to do and what to not do. This happens and it's something you have to live with. Everyone learns from their misstakes. I believe every raider has fucked up atleast 1 time.

You have to sit out on a raid because it needs a specific setup, how do you react?
Nothing special, I will stay online if I need to come later as a replacement etc.

Some guy flames <Frostheart> on the Burning Blade forums, what do you reply?
Normally I don't read the wow-europe forums. I'm just interested in the guild forums, but I will report this issue to an officer and let them deal with it.

What are you gonna bring to <Frostheart> if your application is accepted?
A high raid attendance, joy and alot of focus!

Why should we choose you? Surprised
All the guilds I've been in before at the start hesitated about my age, yes I'm a young player. But late raids have never been a problem for me, and after a few raids all the officers see that I'm a really matured player for my age that know how to deal with stuffs.
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PostSubject: Re: Absolutíon - 80 Priest - Accepted   Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:58 pm

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Absolutíon - 80 Priest - Accepted
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